“Throughout my 20 years as an activist, Senate District chair, and Precinct chair, it has become quite clear moving our party forward requires a unified effort from every Democrat in Harris County.

“As we endeavor to make our next steps our biggest, I ask you to join me in making the Harris County Democratic Party stronger than it has ever been.”

Latest News: New Direction Lane Lewis Campaign • 12/18/2012

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Lane’s Plan for Harris County

In order to move our Party forward, we must all work together to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I have a plan that will build our Party into an operation that will work year-round to organize, train and elevate Democrats.

My vision for the Harris County Democratic Party is based on a set of principles that if followed, will give us a stronger footing and make us ready to take on Republicans this November, and beyond.

Creating a Strong, Diverse HCDP

We will fully realize our true strength as a party when we bring all the communities of Harris County together. With this in mind, we will work diligently toward the goal of having all communities represented in party and committee leadership.

Along with party representation, we will focus on recruiting candidates of all communities to run for elected office. Bringing together the diversity of Harris County will enable our party to make sure the voices and opinions of everyone are heard.

Strong Precinct Chairs Make an Effective Party

Our power as a party comes from the grassroots. In order to have a strong and effective party we must increase our capacity at the precinct level. This means we need to reduce the number of vacant precinct chair positions so that we can increase our reach throughout Harris County.

As an organization that is dependent on people’s ability to work hard, it is up to us to identify and cultivate leaders. The party will take the steps necessary to identify and cultivate a diverse group of leaders so that we can ensure the progress we make today has someone to carry it into the future.

Financial Health Promotes Organizational Capacity

In order to successfully accomplish the goals of the party, we must be on sound financial footing. To fully reach our potential we must work to increase our revenue and aim higher than mere financial security. To achieve this goal: our efforts will be directed toward raising enough resources so we can carry out programs needed to win on Election Day.

We must begin this process by asking if we are leading by example. Precinct chairs, elected officials and party activists should step-up and become Sustaining Members. The party will undertake necessary efforts to increase Sustaining Members. These funds are vital to the day-to-day operation of the party and can be used to greatly increase our capacity and efficiency.

Message Development, Delivery & Discipline

Message development, delivery and discipline are easier said than done. Message development takes quantitative and qualitative research; delivery takes a strong communications infrastructure, utilizing new and traditional media; discipline takes training, practice and patience.

Our party will work to build the communication infrastructure and invest time and resources into sound message development and utilization. To let opportunities pass us by because we are not using social media strategically is unacceptable. Rather, we will work to increase our capacity in social media, and push to garner earned media at every opportunity. This will be done by focusing staff resources on ensuring our agility and effectiveness in utilizing all communications platforms.

Organizing Does Not End on Election Day

Organizing is an activity that should be done throughout the year, and not simply days leading up to an election. Organizing is key to winning elections, the primary goal of the HCDP. Moving forward, we will ensure that we are taking steps to continuously organize like-minded individuals.

This framework for a stronger HCDP is the first step for moving our party forward. We can only be as successful as the work we all put into building our party. Today I ask you to step up and help us lead the HCDP into the future.

Learn More About Lane Lewis

Lane Lewis is the current Harris County Democratic Party Chairman. He was elected unanimously in December 2011.

Lane has dedicated his life to serving the people of Houston. The proud son of a teacher and factory supervisor in Pasadena, Texas, Lane understood from an early age the value of hard work and helping others.

Lane began his career of service as a licensed Social Worker in Houston. He discovered a passion for helping others during his first job in the field, working with adolescents. The youth he worked with struggled with poverty, abuse, abandonment, drugs and alcohol.

Lane’s experience in the psychiatric hospital, connecting with people from a wide array of backgrounds, compelled him to return to non-profit work. He co-founded a youth center to help get young people off the streets and back into school. During this time, he used his Social Work license to help children, teens, adults, and seniors face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Lane worked tirelessly at his paying job during the day and at his non-profit work at night to meet the needs of those who depended on him.

In 2009, after serving as elementary school teacher, Lane unsuccessfully ran for Houston City Council in District A. During this race, Lane was able to use his grassroots organizing experience, his ability to fundraise, and his willingness to work longer and harder than his opponents to make it out of a crowded primary and into a runoff in the most conservative council district in the city.

Lane began serving as the Chair for Senate District 15 in 2009. In that capacity he led his Senate District in implementing a program called “24 15.” This field intensive program relied on paid and volunteer phone banks over many weeks, aimed at talking to potential Democratic voters. This program was a huge success and is a testament to Lane’s experience as a grassroots organizer and someone that is willing to go the extra mile to see Democrats elected.

Lane has a compelling vision for the Harris County Democratic Party. He believes that our organizational capacity, our county-wide activists and our strong message for the middle class will help elect Democrats up and down the ballot this November. Lane has the leadership we need to get this done.

List of Our Supporters


  • HGLBT Caucus
  • Harris County Council of Organizations
  • Pleasantville Voter’s League
  • Communication Workers of America, Local 6222
  • Harris County AFL CIO
  • Houston Black American Democrats
  • Tejano Democrats
  • Oak Forest Democrats
  • Houston Area Stonewall Democrats
  • Houston Young Stonewall Democrats
  • Democracy for Houston

Elected Officials

  • Mayor Annise Parker
  • Ronald Green – City Controller
  • Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan
  • TDP Vice Chair Lenora Sorola-Pohlman
  • Sen. John Whitmire
  • Sen. Mario Gallegos
  • Rep. Alma Allen
  • Rep. Jessica Farrar
  • Rep. Borris Miles
  • Rep. Sylvester Turner
  • Rep. Carol Alvarado
  • Rep. Garnet Coleman
  • Rep. Harold Dutton
  • Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna
  • Rep. Senfronia Thompson
  • Council Member Melissa Noriega
  • Council Member James Rodriguez
  • Council Member C.O. Bradford
  • Council Member Mike Laster
  • Jim Henley, Harris County Department of Education, Position 7
  • HISD Board Member Anna Eastman
  • HISD Board Member Carol Mims Galloway
  • HISD Board Member Paula Harris
  • HISD Board Member Juliet Stipeche

Texas Democratic Party Officials

  • Martha Cottingham – County Chair’s At-Large Designee to Steering Committee
  • Wil Williams – Senate District 4 Chair
  • Sue Pilko – Senate District 4 Secretary
  • Lillian Villarreal – Senate District 6 Chair
  • Steve Gross – Senate District 7 Chair
  • Joy Demark – Senate District 7 SDEC Member
  • Sherrie Matula – Senate District 11 Chair
  • Zeph Capo – Senate District 15 SDEC Member
  • Anneliese Vogel – Senate District 15 SDEC Member
  • Bert Anson – Senate District 17 Chair
  • Carol Wright – Senate District 17 SDEC Member
  • Donald Bankston – SDEC 18
  • Donna Bryant – President, Oil Patch Democrats & Environmental Democrats SDEC Member
  • Almeda Dent – Texas Coalition of Black Democrats VP & SDEC Member

Community Members

  • Brooks Ballard
  • George Barnstone
  • Honorable Chris Bell – Former Congressman
  • Frm. Mayor Lee Brown
  • Marc Campos
  • Sean Carnahan
  • Hector Carreno
  • Liz Lara-Carreno
  • Sissy Farenthold
  • Virginia Galloway
  • Kathryn Graf Garcia
  • Edna Griggs
  • Benjamin Hall
  • Honorable Robert Hinojosa – Former Judge
  • Howard Jefferson
  • Bette John
  • Rev. William Lawson
  • Frm. Houston City Council Member Sue Lovell
  • Herman Litt
  • Dave Mattheisen
  • Ernest McGowen Jr.
  • Philip McNutt
  • Stan Merriman
  • Amber and Steve Mostyn
  • John Odam
  • Ken Olive
  • Jennifer Rene Pool
  • Alvin Pruitt
  • Sheryl Roppolo
  • Ambassador Arthur Schechter
  • Jane Vidales
  • John Eddie Williams
  • Turner Wright

Precinct Chairs

  • Vicki Bellow – Pct. 5
  • Robert Starkey – Pct. 28
  • Scott Harbers – Pct. 32
  • Kenneth MacPherson – Pct. 33
  • Jack Valinski – Pct. 34
  • Bill Gabraith – Pct. 37
  • Victor Castillo – Pct. 39
  • Mary Flood Nugent – Pct. 40
  • Elizabeth Kloman – Pct. 43
  • Christina Walsh – Pct. 56
  • Shaun Nelson – Pct. 71
  • Freddy Blanco – Pct. 72
  • Shelley Kennedy – Pct. 73
  • Margurette Shows – Pct. 75
  • Vivian Alford – Pct. 83
  • Christy Hernandez – Pct. 93
  • Pearlene Jerome – Pct. 101
  • Rose Salas – Pct. 102 & Senate District 6 State Democratic Executive Committee Member
  • Osvaldo Hernandez – Pct. 117
  • Michael Studdert – Pct. 129
  • Louis Molnar – Pct. 139
  • Teresa Herrin – Pct. 146
  • Julie Jackson – Pct. 148
  • Earnest Goodrich – Pct. 149
  • Richard Shaw – Pct. 165
  • Ella Tyler – Pct. 176
  • Clyde Phillips – Pct. 193
  • Kevin Hoffman – Pct. 207
  • Michael Neely – Pct. 252
  • Mary Lowrey Schlett – Pct. 270
  • Joyce Akins – Pct. 284
  • Mary Luckey – Pct. 316
  • Rick Hurt – Pct. 336
  • Jeffrey Crews – Pct. 343
  • James Porter – Pct. 356
  • Demetria Nelson-McNaulty – Pct. 357
  • Carolyn Riggs – Pct. 380
  • Tom Rowan – Pct. 399
  • Jaymes Alexander – Pct. 407
  • Farrukh Shamsi – Pct. 441 & Senate District 7 State Democratic Executive Committee Member
  • Sheryl Ware – Pct. 520
  • Carlos De Hoyos Gutierrez – Pct. 543
  • Karen Wheaton – Pct. 552
  • Paula Woolley – Pct. 588
  • Bruce Menke – Pct. 590
  • Alton Smith – Pct. 594
  • Tamika Harris – Pct. 597
  • Kristen Capps – Pct. 631
  • Sylvia Medellin – Pct. 635
  • Patricia Pinkley – Pct. 658
  • Lloyd Gauthier – Pct. 660
  • Sean Carter Hammerle – Pct. 661
  • Sharon Messa – Pct. 710
  • Roberta Toppin – Pct. 745
  • Deborah Mowrey – Pct. 760
  • AJ Durrani – Pct. 772 Asian American Democrats State Democratic Executive Committee Member
  • Joseph Tijerina – Pct. 795
  • Bob Crosier – Pct. 798
  • Maverick Welsh – Pct. 850
  • Sylvia Pitre – Pct. 861