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Lewis for Chair Campaign Announces CEC Support

Lane Lewis Campaign • Posted June 2, 2011 in Press Releases

Houston, Texas – Senate District 15 Chair and Harris County Democratic Party Chair candidate Lane Lewis today announced that his campaign has earned the support of 49 members of the County Executive Committee, the body that will vote to elect a new HCDP Chair.

“It is exciting to see so many members of the County Executive Committee support my candidacy for HCDP Chair.  Our campaign is off to a strong start and I’m honored and humbled by the out-pouring of encouragement,” said Lewis.

CEC members publicly endorsing Lane Lewis for HCDP Chair are:

Martha Cottingham County Chair’s At-Large Designee to Steering Committee
Wil Williams Senate District 4 Chair
Sue Pilko Senate District 4 Secretary
Steve Gross Senate District 7 Chair
Joy Demark Senate District 7 State Democratic Executive Committee Member
Sherrie Matula Senate District 11 Chair
Anneliese Vogel Senate District 15 State Democratic Executive Committee Member
Zeph Capo Senate District 15 State Democratic Executive Committee Member
Bert Anson Senate District 17 Chair
Carol Wright Senate District 17 State Democratic Executive Committee Member
Vicki Bellow Pct. 5
Scott Harbers Pct. 32
Kenneth MacPherson Pct. 33
Jack Valinski Pct. 34
Victor Castillo Pct. 39
Mary Flood Nugent Pct. 40
Elizabeth Kloman Pct. 43
Shaun Nelson Pct. 71
Shelley Kennedy Pct. 73
Margurette Shows Pct. 75
Vivian Alford Pct. 83
Christy Hernandez Pct. 93
Pearlene Jerome Pct. 101
Osvaldo Hernandez Pct. 117
Louis Molnar Pct. 139
Teresa Herrin Pct. 146
Richard Shaw Pct. 165
Clyde Phillips Pct. 193
Kevin Hoffman Pct. 207
Mary Lowrey Schlett Pct. 270
Joyce Akins Pct. 284
Mary Luckey Pct. 316
Joseph Madden Pct. 324
James Porter Pct. 356
Demetria Nelson-McNaulty Pct. 357
Carolyn Riggs Pct. 380
James Alexander Pct. 407
Sheryl Ware Pct. 520
Bruce Menke Pct. 590
Alton Smith Pct. 594
Tamika Harris Pct. 597
Kristen Capps Pct. 631
Sylvia Medellin Pct. 635
Patricia Pinkley Pct. 658
Lloyd Gauthier Pct. 660
Sean Carter Pct. 661
Sharon Messa Pct. 710
Deborah Mowrey Pct. 760
Sylvia Pitre Pct. 861