Houston Education Support Personnel back Lewis

Houston Education Support Personnel back Lewis



Houston Education Support Personnel Union Local 6315 endorse Lane Lewis for City Council


May 27, 2015

Houston, TX – Houston Education Support Personnel Union Local 6315 (HESP) stand up and support Lane Lewis for city council.

HESP Local 6315 is a division of the American Federation of Teachers and AFL-CIO, Wreatha.jpgthese hard working women and men provide support for our students and teachers. Without HESP members our children could not travel to school, receive the nourishment they need, and teachers would have no support system to maintain schools. These care takers of our children and schools work hard to make sure the children have a good learning environment. This is why they choose a candidate who understands their importance, former school teacher Lane Lewis. HESP President Wretha Thomas explains why they choose Lewis for City Council At-Large Position 1.    


“Lane understands what we do and respects our role in educating the children,” said HESP President Wretha Thomas. “We want someone who understands what it takes to do our job and will support the hard working people of Houston.”  


“As a former Union teacher, I know just how hard our school support staff works to make our schools work,” said Lewis.  “I met a lot of great people in my teaching days, I know HESP only endorses those that work as hard as they do, HESP's endorsement is very meaningful to this teacher.” 


Lane Lewis has served the community of Houston for over 20 years as a social worker, educator, office holder, and community leader. As City Council Member At-Large Position 1, Lane will work to fix our roads, make all neighborhoods safe, and continue Houston’s prosperity in all communities. 


For more information, visit www.LaneLewis.com