Small Efforts Make Big Impacts

Small Efforts Make Big Impacts

Ms-Hopkins.jpgMs. H. bought her home and built her life on her own. She was married twice in her full life, but her modest home in North Houston is the product of her hard work. Last week, when she called our campaign to pledge her vote, there was a tremor in her voice that my campaign manager noticed. She needed help with many things in her life and my campaign manager promised her I would return her call personally, and gave his word we would do what we could.

I spoke with Ms. H. and learned she was a petite woman who had led a big life and now she had simple, but crucial needs. There are many challenges for this physically frail, yet razor sharp woman, but today the issue for her was hot meals without the danger of burning her home down, Ms. H needed a microwave.

I called upon Pastor Preston for whom I have developed a close relationship with while attending his church services at Yale Street Baptist. He happened to have a working microwave to gift me. He reminded me, "small efforts make a big difference."

There are Ms. H's in many neighborhoods across Houston with needs, some serious and some minor, but, for them, a little help makes all the difference.

Whether a $40 microwave to an elderly neighbor or $40 million resource center for a neglected community, the philosophy is the same for me. Give where you can and make a difference where you can.

As you get back to your routine I remind you all to walk your street and check on your neighbors.

The people are the city, let's care for each other.

Small efforts can have a big impact.